At Anderson Goddard we go beyond simple energy rating. We pride ourselves on our extensive industry knowledge, expertise and a client base established over three decades

Anderson Goddard Services

We provide the following services.


Energy Modelling (New and existing construction)

· SAP (The Government’s, Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for calculating the energy performance of a dwelling)

· Retrofit assessments.

· Home Energy Model (HEM)

· Simplified Building Energy Model (sBEM)

· Dynamic Simulation



U-Value and Condensation Risk

· U-Value calculations in accordance with BS EN ISO 6946 (Convention 443)

· U-Value calculations in accordance with Light Steel Frame to Digest 465

· Condensation Risk analysis in accordance with BS EN ISO 13788

· 2D and 3D Models to determine internal surface temperature EN 10211 : 2017 (Convention 497)



Thermal bridging

2D and 3D modelling to determine linear thermal transmittance (w/mK) and temperature factors (fRsi), in accordance with EN 10211 : 2017 (Convention 497)

· Linear Thermal Transmittance (w/mk) Ψ-Value (psi)

· Point thermal bridging (w/K)

· Temperature Factor (Surface condensation) (fRsi).


Overheating, CIBSE Dynamic Simulation Models

· TM59 – domestic

· TM52 – non-domestic