Site Details
Site Name: Victoria Avenue
Site reference number: 76699
Site Address: Victoria Avenue, Whitefield, MANCHESTER, M45 6BZ
Number of Plots: 30
Client Details
Clients Name: John Southworth
Clients Address: 10 Charles Street, Dukinfield, SK16 4SD
Design manager: Mark Quinn
Design manager Email:
Site manager: Ian Pyatt
Site manager Email:
Nominated email:
Assessor Details
Assessor Name: Paul Goddard
Assessor Email:
Nominated email:
Design Stage

Design Specification document / Summary document

U-Value Calculations

Thermal Bridging (psi Values)

Window and Door Manufactures or BFRC data

Heating & Domestic Hot Water (DHW): Design or Specification information

Ventilation: Design or Specification information

Lighting: Design or Specification information (for all light fittings and details of LED lights for bare pendant fittings)

Photovoltaic Specification: (design details to include panel outputs in watts and number of panels as well as details of a battery if appliable)

Approved Document Part G: water efficiency calculation

Showers: Manufactures data

Miscellaneous MEP items: Secondary Heating, Wind turbines, WWHRS, FGHRS, information on meters etc


Construction Stage

1. Foundations/substructure and ground floor, to show thermal continuity and quality of insulation in the following places.

1a. At ground floor perimeter edge insulation.

1b. At external door threshold

1c. Insulation below damp-proof course on external walls.

2. External walls: for each main wall type, to show thermal continuity and quality of insulation for the following.

2a. Insulation at ground floor wall junction

2b. Insulation at structural penetrating elements, Lintels, balconies etc

3. Roof: for each main roof type, to show thermal continuity and quality of insulation at the following.

3a. Insulation at Joist/rafter level

3b. Insulation at eaves and gable edges

4. Openings: for each opening type (one image per wall or roof type is sufficient), to show thermal continuity and quality of

4a. Window positioning in relation to cavity closer or insulation line.

4b. External door set positioning in relation to cavity closer or insulation line

5. Airtightness: additional photographs for all details 1–4 to show airtightness details (only if not included or visible in continuity of insulation image)

6. Building services: for all plant associated with space heating, hot water, ventilation and low or zero carbon technology equipment within or on the building, show the following.

6a. Plant/equipment identification label(s), including make/model and serial number.

6b. Primary pipework continuity of insulation.

7. Mechanical ventilation ductwork continuity of insulation (for duct sections outside the thermal envelope).

Post Construction

Commissioning certificates, MCS certificates etc

Photographic Evidence Report

Signed Construction detail checklists

Postal address

Air Pressure Test Certificate

BREL / BRWL Compliance Document

As-Built SAP calculations